2021 Annual Ministry Report

Experience God. Find Community. Fulfill Your Purpose.

Letter from Pastor Jimmy

For the Church, it’s been a year of combat and breakthrough, with risk and peace beyond understanding – breaking down to build up stronger than before.

Now, nearly two years removed from the day most churches temporarily closed their physical doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, churches are serving, in many ways, completely changed communities.

At Trinity Fellowship, we seek to stand firm in our beliefs, while being adaptable enough to respond to our fast-changing times. We know there is a battle raging for people’s attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Today, I’m not sure it’s one the Church is winning.

But I believe we can change that.

In 2021, we laid the foundation at Trinity Fellowship Church for radical shifts in our ability to reach people in our communities and to disciple them in and outside our church walls. Thank you for believing with me in the vision we have at Trinity to see every unchurched individual in our communities experience God and understand their purpose in him. Without you, reaching these people will not be possible!

We had an incredible year in 2021, and I’m so excited to be sharing and celebrating God’s work with you. At the same time, I couldn’t be more thrilled about what we have in store in 2022. I am so grateful to have you beside us throughout this journey.

Jimmy Witcher

Senior Pastor

God is using Trinity Fellowship Church to help people experience God, find community, and fulfill their purpose by:

Reaching People

We reached over 50,000 people through our ministries this year.

Impacting Lives

In 2021, we had over 2,363 first-time visitors, and 255 individuals texted “Decision” to 797979 during our worship experiences.

Making Disciples

We met 52 Sunday mornings and 24 Wednesday nights. We also released over 200 podcast episodes, and Pastor Jimmy hosted the Biblecast live 208 days of the year.

Taking back ground

Today, following Jesus’s command in Matthew 28 looks differently than it did 5, 10, or 20 years ago. We know that fewer Americans perceive the Church as an important community influence, much less an organization with critical influence on their personal lives.

At Trinity Fellowship Church, we see the new landscape created by social media, mobile phones, and internet use as an opportunity. We believe we can utilize these digital tools for the kingdom. In 2021, we reimagined the traditional ways in which the Church reaches the lost in our community – and the ways in which we empower disciples to be active and encouraged in their faith.

Digital Discipleship

Less than a quarter (24%) of Americans say they attend church once per week. Even among Christians, modern family life makes weekly church attendance challenging. We’ve developed simple methods for discipleship – such as podcasts, videos, devotionals, e-newsletters, and more – that fit into daily life.

By building on the work we did in 2020, you helped us utilize digital tools to impact people, no matter where they were.

Social Media

  • 21,000 people on Facebook
  • 7,900 people on Instagram
  • 8,920 subscribers on YouTube
  • On average, 2,440 viewers saw Pastor Jimmy’s Biblecast videos on Facebook
    • 1,520 people engaged with Pastor Jimmy’s Biblecast videos
    • People collectively watched an estimated 3,600 hours of the Biblecast


Trinity Fellowship Church

  • 177,484 video views with 40,500 hours watched
  • Gained 1,300 subscribers with current subscribers at 6,870
In 5 Minutes

  • 49,687 video views with 2,381 hours watched
  • Gained 1,183 subscribers
  • Our “Learn How to Hear God’s Voice” episode was viewed 22,468 times


The Biblecast

  • Launched Pastor Jimmy’s Biblecast as a podcast in March
  • 11,538 downloads in 2021, with a monthly average of 1,153 downloads
More Than You Asked For

  • In 2021, we launched Season 2 of the More Than You Asked For podcast with Pastors Jimmy and Kim Witcher
  • Total of 11,266 downloads in 2021, with a monthly average of 938 downloads
  • “Make God the Center” was the most-downloaded podcast in 2021, with 552 downloads

Church Online

In 2021, we created a permanent studio for the Church Online platform to host our growing digital audiences!

Combined views on TV apps, mobile devices, and desktops


People attended online Easter services


People attended on an average Sunday on our Church Online, Facebook, and YouTube platforms


Different states and 18 different countries watch online every week

Amy’s Story

Connecting through Online Church

I grew up in Amarillo and attended church my whole life. I was saved when I was 13 years old, and though I had a relationship with God, I knew there was more. Later, after getting married and having children, it became more apparent I was missing a level of connection with Him, and that connection was something I not only wanted for myself, but my children as well. My brother began attending Trinity, and I saw such a change in him! I wanted what he had, but with my husband in the military, we were soon moving to Kansas.

I was asking myself, “Where can I find a church that I can take with me?” That was when my brother told me about Trinity’s online campus! I began attending church online weekly, and recognized that what I had been missing was the Holy Spirit – I never knew much about him, but the more I learned about the access I have to him, the more my connection with him grew! My kids joined church with me, and they sing alongside me each week. My husband is not a believer – yet – but he would watch with me because he could relate to what is being spoken. I knew God is alive in this church, and I could feel that even online.

Then, when my husband was deployed at the beginning of the year, I relied on my Trinity family for understanding, support, and help. I loved reading Trinity’s books, learning, and just soaking it all in! I wanted to get more involved in the church, but I didn’t know where. I took the Growth Track classes, learned even more, and I found a great spot serving online. I am now an online host, and I love the prayer and connection that happens in the chat each week! I believe God has put me here to help me connect more deeply with his Spirit, so that when my husband returns, he can see the foundation we are building with God as the center. I am so happy to be a part of this church family.

Big Church Made Small

This year, we created new digital connection mechanisms, which have allowed our Pastors and Community Life team to better serve visitors, attendees, and members at Trinity. In 2021, our teams personally connected with 4,850 individuals. Trinity team members individually call, text, email, or meet up with people who have filled out a form or are new to Trinity. Though we are a big church, our value on establishing real relationships means personal connections are not lost – and no one is just a face in the crowd.

These tools have helped us serve more people than ever before – as one example, we grew our capacity to respond to prayer requests by 45%! That’s 45% more people we get to love, serve, connect with, and help grow into active disciples in our communities, and we’re excited to watch this number keep growing.

In 2021, you empowered us to reach new groups of people with the hope found in Jesus.

  • 2,870 couples downloaded Pastors Kim & Jimmy Witcher’s Marriage Journal to help improve their connection and build a stronger relationship with one another.
  • 314 people signed up for a digital prayer journey, where they paused in their day for four days in a row to listen to an audio prayer on a topic of their choosing.
  • We connected 62 families with screen-free activities to encourage family time in the summer.
  • 285 couples registered for a live marriage webinar with Pastors Kim & Jimmy Witcher.

The majority of people we connected with TFC resources were not already attending a TFC campus! Because of you, we are able to provide life-changing resources to unchurched communities at no cost to them.

Salvations & Baptisms

You made it possible for us to celebrate those who decided to follow Jesus in 2021 and every individual who took their next step of faith by being water baptized.

255 people texted “Decision” to 797979, indicating they accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Hundreds more raised their hand to receive Christ in in-person services.

533 people were water baptized across all Trinity Fellowship Campuses
  • Hollywood Road – 397
  • Pampa – 58
  • Lubbock – 29
  • North Amarillo – 11
  • Español – 4
  • Wellington – 8
  • Decatur – 26

Worship & Prayer

You provided spiritual restoration, hope, and renewal to thousands of people through worship and prayer ministries.

Sundays at Trinity
8,078 people attended church in person on an average week across all campuses
12,146 people attended a TFC Campus in person on Easter Sunday
Family Worship and Prophetic Nights
530 people average in person attendance
30 people average online live attendance

Monique and Justin’s Story

Experiencing God

Justin and I were not on the same page when we began our journey towards Christ. I was about 8 months postpartum, dealing with anxiety and depression coming out of COVID. Justin had never set foot in a church in his entire life! I felt like I needed to be in church, around others, covered in prayer during everything that was going on.

My sister introduced me to the Trinity Fellowship Pampa campus and I got involved pretty quickly. I was baptized and started going to church weekly. Every weekend I would ask Justin if he would come with me, but he always said no. Because of his past and his recent struggles, he was not interested in coming to church at all. I prayed and prayed, asking that God would give him the nudge he needed and come!

One day when I asked Justin to come to church with me, he randomly said yes! After the service, Justin said that “a heaviness was lifted from him”, and from that day forward, everything changed! He had an encounter with God that day that changed his heart forever.

Justin and I both started to become more involved at TFC. We went to Growth Track, both served on Dream Team, became a part of a Wednesday night small group, and we never missed a Sunday. We still never miss church! Justin even told his old friends from his past that if they wanted to hang out, they could meet him at the church! God became so important in both of our lives.

It was such a miracle to see how far Justin had come. He wanted to give his life to God and planned to get baptized. Justin and Pastor Mike planned the entire baptism as a surprise to me! It was so beautiful to watch and still see how it unfolds in his life today!

When we started this journey, Justin and I were not married. We had a new baby and I had always dreamed of our wedding, wanting to make that covenant with him forever. Justin always was against it, because he didn’t fully understand the meaning of marriage. After conversations with Pastor Mike, Justin’s heart was changed, and he proposed at our daughter’s first birthday party! We were married in July 2021.

Jesus and our relationship with him has completely changed our lives! Justin went from drug use and jail, to a faithful follower of Jesus, completely made new! We are now married and parents to our daughter, with another baby on the way. When I look at old pictures of Justin, compared with who he is today, I can see the light of Jesus, in his face and in his eyes! Trinity Fellowship and the Pampa campus have been an amazing resource, home, and family for us during our journey! We are walking a completely different life now.


Over 900 digital prayer requests were personally responded to by our team

We grew our prayer team to 150 people for in-person prayer.

By utilizing the digital prayer request, we are able to grow our capacity to connect with the congregation in prayer by about 45%.

We’d love to pray with you.

Click the button below to submit your request, and one of our team members will reach out!

Submit a Prayer Request
Community Life

In 2021, you helped thousands of people find community.

  • 503 people went through Growth Track across TFC campuses
  • 2,140 people served on a Dream Team

Going through Growth Track is your best first step to all things Trinity Fellowship!

Get Started

Elias’s Story

Finding a place to call home

I grew up attending Trinity Fellowship. I always loved coming here when I was younger, because I thought it was FUN here! But as I got older, I started to drift away. I would attend on Sundays, but I was still disconnected.

When COVID-19 hit in 2020, I felt alone and spent most of my time at home. I completely lost my community and myself. I graduated high school and went right to West Texas A&M as a music performance major. I was still alone – I threw myself into my school work and became what I call a “college zombie”. I didn’t make time for God – I lost that part of me.

I then got very sick with COVID-19, which made school very challenging, and then my mom and stepdad broke up. I have always struggled with father figures in my life, and my stepdad was the one who was always there for me. I was so broken. I flunked out of college, I didn’t have a job, and I didn’t tell anyone. I was sitting in my bed while my parents thought I was at school! I quit caring – about myself, my future, nothing. Finally, I broke down in front of my parents and asked for help. I needed a fresh start.

My granddad told me that worship auditions were happening at Trinity and encouraged me to try out. I love music, but I was so hesitant. I messaged the worship pastor, told him my story, and he invited me in. He said, “You HAVE to show up!” From there, the worship team invited me to a small group, where I was able to connect with other people. I just kept showing up.

Then, I started a summer worship internship, where they kept telling me “Don’t sit on the sidelines anymore. You are a leader!” I made great friends and really started to feel like I was HOME.

But deep down, I still felt like God was ashamed of me for drifting – that he was mad at me and that I didn’t measure up. One of my small group leaders taught me an exercise called “writing the thoughts of God” – it helps you to hear God’s voice. Right away, God said, “I don’t want you to run away from me. I want you to run TOWARD me! I am not a judgmental Father. I am a loving Father.” That was a miracle that day – God opened my eyes and there was a complete “spiritual switch” in my heart.

Since then, I’ve continued to show up. I went through Growth Track. I am involved in generational ministries, leading worship and serving those younger than me. I now have the tools I need, great people around me, and most importantly, a growing relationship with God. I don’t need anything other than to be with my Father. I am excited to share with everyone what God has done in my life. With Jesus you can overcome anything!


  • 288 groups met in 2021
  • 80 new groups kicked off in 2021
  • 50 people trained to become an Alpha leader
  • 2,938 people met for groups on average
  • 41% of TFC members attend a group
  • 5 Alpha Groups launched
Special Events
  • 1,319 women attended our Women’s We Are One Nights
  • 662 men attended our Men’s Chase Nights
  • 171 attendees at XO Marriage Conference simulcast at Hollywood Road (153 in person & 18 online)
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Generational Ministries

You are changing the world by investing in the rising generation of incredible young people connected to Trinity Fellowship Church.

Trinity Story: Spiritual Awakenings in our Students

“We have recently seen a spiritual awakening among the students that can only be attributed to the Holy Spirit! I had one student who joined an Alpha Group in the fall of 2020. Over the course of 2021, he began to show tremendous growth in Christ and completed Growth Track in order to get plugged in and start serving. Today, he continues to serve diligently. He has recently given a prophetic word to one of his teachers at school and has been answering the call of the Holy Spirit in prayer for others. It’s just been amazing to see what God’s been doing!”

– Pastor Ashton Mitchell, Hollywood Road Student Pastor

Lives Impacted

  • 868 students participate in student ministries on average each week
  • 128 students made the decision to follow Christ this year
  • 874 students participated in camps this summer
Youth-Led Sunday Services

For the first time in our history, we had a youth-led weekend where all of our leadership roles were filled by our young people, including worship leaders, band members, hosts, service leaders, and preaching team. This was an incredible opportunity not only to train our young leaders, but also to learn from and be inspired by them. 66 students and young adults participated across our campuses ages 11 to 18 on Sunday, September 5, 2021.

Summer Camps
  • 172 students attended The Exchange camps
  • 250 students attended Xtreme camp
  • 395 kids experienced Kids camp
  • 57 young children attended Heroland camp

Life Events

We rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn. You were the hands and feet of Jesus to those who experienced life-changing events this year.
Ministry after Loss of a Loved One
  • 102 lives were honored with a funeral service, and 102 families cared for by our care team
  • 6 groups or classes dedicated to loss of a loved one with over 30 participants
Hospital Ministry
  • 1,591 people were prayed for in hospitals and assisted living facilities
Ministry Counseling
  • 320 people/couples received ministry counseling
Marriage Ceremonies
  • 28 new couples were made one in Christ through marriage
  • 58 couples went through our pre-marriage counseling course
Deliverance Ministry
  • 109 people/couples received deliverance ministry
Child Dedications
  • 111 children were prayed over and dedicated to the Lord


You strengthened the communities in five cities, through seven campuses across West Texas.

Hollywood Road

Average weekly attendance: 2,312 people

As many of our congregation members have been impacted by vaccine mandates, we are honored to have been able to come alongside and help them stand as God called them. We completed more than 100 religious exemptions this year. It is amazing to see the Ekklesia in action!

North Amarillo

Average weekly attendance: 265 people

We started “Summer Nights” where every Wednesday through the summer we had a themed party night – horses, water park, theme parks and fellowship. We saw so many new people from the neighborhood that didn’t even know we were there. Most nights we had an average attendance of 400 people!

Español Campus (Amarillo)

Average weekly attendance: 71 people

Trinity En Español Dream Team has served families affected by Covid with prayer, meal trains and even paying each other’s outstanding utility bill. Our church has come to serve one another and be the hands and feet of Jesus for their neighbor.

“We celebrated this year with one in our TFC family who was healed of an infirmity she had been struggling with for years! She had been to specialists in Amarillo and Lubbock to no avail. She even visited doctors in Mexico, but nothing took her pain away. One Sunday morning, we were praying for healing, and she felt a warm sensation on her back and waist. She was instantly healed! She has not felt any pain since. God is so good!”

-Pastor Alejandro Rodarte, Espanol Campus Pastor


Average weekly attendance: 198 people

TFC Decatur launched TO-GO Tuesday, a food outreach ministry. Every other Tuesday we give away free meals to the hungry in our community. We also had the opportunity to start our Xtreme ministry for 4-6th graders!


Average weekly attendance: 232 people

TFC Lubbock launched in September of 2019, six months later, the fledgling church was hit by Covid and over the next year, it lost ground. Today, it is a healthy, growing, vibrant church with a solid leadership base that is growing and known in the neighborhood. New families are showing up every week!


Average weekly attendance: 319 people

During the extreme cold weather in February, our building was flooded by a broken fire-sprinkler pipe. There were 2-8 inches of water throughout, requiring a complete remodel of the building. The restoration was completed in October and our building is now more beautiful than ever!


Average weekly attendance: 68 people

As a body of believers, we know how important it is to be connected. After being unable to meet in person for a while, the desire to connect with other people face to face grew so much stronger. We knew we needed each other, but we didn’t know how much! God is doing a great work in our young people! We had many students getting involved in camps and all ministries during the week! Several hearts were changed and decisions for Christ and baptisms happened this year.

Trinity Story: Pampa

The Church Steps Up When the Need is Great

“In 2021, the Pampa community experienced immense tragedy when three Jr. High-aged boys were killed in a car accident. As the families mourned and struggled to reconcile with the loss, the community also reeled from the news. There’s just one Jr. High School in Pampa, so this was a loss truly felt by the entire population.

We knew we needed to do something as a church. The day of the tragedy, we opened our Student Ministry Center to students, parents, coaches, and community leaders so they could process what had happened. The church provided a meal for everyone as they sat together most of the day to mourn the tragic loss of these boys. Hundreds of people felt the love of Jesus through Trinity Fellowship Church that day.

Later that week we were honored to host the funeral for one of the boys who had grown up at TFC/Pampa. Over 1,200 people attended.”

– Pastor Mike Borger, Pampa Campus Pastor

Trinity Story: Lubbock

Event Provides Community for Hundreds

“Since TFC’s Lubbock campus is brand new to the community, we had been praying that at least 300 people would show up to our Fall Festival. God exceeded our expectations! We welcomed over 500 people to the event and were able to connect with 125 brand new people!”

– Pastor Bo, Lubbock Campus Pastor

Trinity Story: Prison Ministry Satellite Campuses

Prison Ministry

Trinity Fellowship Church has “TFC Satellite Campuses” in all 10 Texas Department of Criminal Justice Units (TDCJ) in the Texas Panhandle, Region 5.

1,000 TDCJ inmates attend services each week with many salvations and recommitments to Jesus. Many, many former inmates are now attending TFC campuses along with their wives, children, and grandchildren.

“Every week the lives of many men are changed, as well as the lives of their families, their children and grandchildren by the power of The Gospel of Jesus Christ. We thank the Lord for the privilege of being ‘salt and light’ in the places of darkness and despair.”

– Pastor Larry Miles, Pastor of Ministry Administration

Taking a Stand

In 2021, “What does the Bible say about vaccines?” was the #3 most searched “What does the Bible say about” topic on Google in the United States.

In our communities in West Texas, thousands of individuals were impacted by vaccine mandates at their places of work. When issues of importance surface in our communities, we believe that’s a place for the Church to stand up – not back down, or turn a blind eye. In 2021, we resourced our community with Bible-based information, and helped hundreds of people navigate vaccine mandates with their families, schools, and employers.

In 2021, we launched our Ekklesia Action Group (EAG).

  • The EAG gained 1,000 Facebook Group members and 705 email subscribers
  • The EAG hosted 2 seminars at Trinity Fellowship focused on helping the local community be more informed about pertinent civil subjects
  • The EAG hosted a Biblical Citizenship course
Learn More

Bethesda Outreach Center

You helped people find hope in your local communities.

Pounds of food distributed to families


Thanksgiving meals delivered


Children received toys and blankets for Christmas


People hosted in refugee community on World Refugee Day


Families and 1,461 individuals clothed


Students received backpacks with supplies to start their school year

Campus Outreaches

  • North Amarillo: Provided 70 meals to families in the River Road ISD and surrounding community for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Fed 150 homeless people pizza during code blue freezing temperatures in North Amarillo.
  • Decatur: Delivered meals twice a month to people in need, on “To-Go Tuesday.”
  • Pampa: 254 students received $70 gift certificates for new shoes during “Sneakers Shoe Outreach” and 94 in-need families received a Thanksgiving meal.
  • Lubbock: 20 Bibles were sent to a ministry in Mexico and 100 chairs were donated to two of our prison ministries.
  • Wellington: Provided Thanksgiving lunches to about 25 families and our Exchange students also delivered Christmas care packages to numerous families.

XO Marriage

Trinity Fellowship is honored to continue to be a partner to XO Marriage, which exists to help couples have a healthy and strong marriage. Founded by Pastor Jimmy Evans, MarriageToday – rebranded to XO Marriage in 2020 – was founded in 1994 with a vision to heal marriages, see couples thrive, and allow kids to grow up with both parents in the home. XO Marriage is the largest ministry supported by Trinity Fellowship Church.

Impact & Stats

  • Social Media: Over 5.5 million people reached weekly
  • Website: 1.3 million new users in 2021
  • Television: Continue to reach millions of people through two weekly Daystar broadcasts
  • XO Podcast Network: 500,000+ monthly downloads, over 11 million+ downloads since launch
  • YouTube: 446,000 subscribers, 17.8 million views, 2.7 million hours watched (162 minutes)
  • XO Publishing: Over 104,000 copies of XO titles sold. We Are The Missing People released at #1 on Amazon and has sold over 30,000 copies in less than 1 month.
  • XO Now: Online subscription platform with 4,500+ subscribers

Ministries We Support

You empowered crucial ministries to continue to make a difference in their communities in the U.S. and in nine countries around the world.


  • Hope Choice Pregnancy Centers (Hollywood and North Amarillo)
  • Compassion Gate
  • Faith City Ministries
  • Panhandle FCA
  • Living Water Ministry (North Amarillo)
  • The PARC
  • Gateway to Success
  • The Hideaway Experience
  • Bridges to Life (North Amarillo)


  • Harvest House


  • Bethel Hope Orphanage
  • Wise Choice Pregnancy Centers
  • A.C.T.S. For Others
  • W.A.R.M
  • Serenity Church


  • Africa
    • Believe in His Name
    • CMF International
    • Generation Next
  • China
    • Strategic China Initiative
  • India
    • India Gospel Outreach
  • Great Britain
    • UK Learning Community
  • Israel
    • One For Israel
    • Maoz Israel Ministries
    • Mission Ministries
    • Peniel Fellowship (Amu tat TSur-Haim)
  • Mexico
    • Streams of Water-Rescue a Child
    • Meleah School of Ministry
    • Harvest Association of Churches
  • Nicaragua
    • Savior’s Tear
    • Oasis De Esperanza (340 Students K-11, Graduated 17 from High School in 2021)
    • Savior’s Tear operates Oasis de Esperanza
  • Peru
    • Latin Equip
  • Thailand
    • Bridges to the Nations
    • Antioch Center for Training and Sending (ACTS)

TFAC is a network of relationally-connected pastors that exists to help Senior Pastors and their teams establish and grow healthy, life-giving churches through resources, strategic planning, and coaching.

Participating churches are provided connection, consultation, ministry, and resource opportunities, including TFAC-U, strategic planning, and coaching groups.


TFAC member churches


People represented on average each Sunday




Baptisms across all member churches


Churches completed Strategic Planning through Trinity Fellowship


Active coaching groups


Senior Pastors attended our North Carolina Roundtable


Church team members attended TFAC-U Event in Amarillo this April

“TFAC has been a game changer. On the edge of burnout, loss of direction, and continually stumbling over the same roadblocks, I was feeling “wandering in the wilderness” was all I would ever do. Then, TFAC! I was invited to a pastor and wife’s retreat which was a breath of fresh air. From there we joined TFAC a few months later. We went all in with the Senior Pastor Roundtables, TFAC U, and the coaching groups.

I remember vividly coming home from my first Senior Pastor Roundtable. I sat with my wife on the couch and told her all the coaching I received and the personal instructions from Pastor Jimmy Witcher. With tears streaming down her cheeks, she said, ‘Whatever you do, do not leave this group. They actually care for you as a person and not what our church can contribute.’ Staying the course ever since, TFAC is Home!”

Pastor Joel Tiemeyer
The Way Bible Church, Sulphur Springs, TX


In 2021, you gave generously to continue to further the kingdom of God.
Building Fund

Our buildings are the physical places where we gather together as the body of Christ. From our physical locations, we host everything from our Sunday experiences to weddings and special events. Your financial support of Trinity Fellowship’s Building Fund helps ensure that our doors stay wide open to all God is calling us to in our communities.

Give to the Building Fund

What will God do in 2022?

In 2022, we can radically influence and infiltrate our world with the love of Jesus. As we continue to rise as the Church, we invite you to be a part of all the ways that God is expanding the reach of his kingdom.

Be part of the future of discipleship and help us reach thousands of people with the gospel!
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Coming in 2022:
  • Church Connect Software (CCS): We’re piloting a software meant to be used for hundreds of churches to help them better reach the people in their communities.
  • Nota: We’re launching an app, which will guide users on a spiritual health journey.