2020 Annual Report

2020 was a tumultuous year

And through the chaos, God used Trinity Fellowship Church to transform lives, connect people in new ways, and help people experience church like never before!
a letter from our pastor

When we began 2020, God told us we would be facing a tumultuous year – and even a tumultuous decade. But as the world faced the COVID-19 pandemic, we realized that while these challenges are life-changing, God was also opening incredible doors of opportunity.

As churches and schools went online, businesses closed, and life as we knew it paused, we all began to reprioritize our values and priorities, recentering on what is really important.

And through the uncertain circumstances, God used Trinity Fellowship to impact His kingdom in amazing ways! Following God’s direction, we launched our digital discipleship platforms in June of 2019. We were prepared to move services online, which expanded our digital reach further than ever as we shared the love of Jesus with our communities.

Through these new digital mechanisms, 476 people texted “Decision” to 797979, we launched online Growth Track, started an online campus, and saw God’s hand move mightily in completely new ways.

In our communities, we prayed over local hospitals, delivered food to front-line workers, provided childcare to first responders during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and more than doubled our food distribution through Bethesda Outreach Center. And when civil unrest and division spread across our nation, we promoted Jesus-centered unity through our participation in 101 Elite Men’s Juneteenth Parade and the Amarillo community Uniting as One event alongside over 70 churches and 4,000 participants.

2020 was an opportunity for us as the Church to reset the way we’ve always done things and step into new and exciting ways to reach others. As we move into 2021, this is a time of preparation and cooperation with the Spirit of God as we come into alignment with Him. I believe the greatest harvest of our lifetime is around the corner!


Jimmy Witcher

Senior Pastor

2020 was difficult and extraordinary

And in the chaos of 2020, God was still on the throne – and His plans didn’t change. Through these challenges, He used people just like you at Trinity Fellowship Church and created opportunities to do extraordinary things.

Transformed our Church

Served the Community

People received Jesus

Lives were changed. 

Lives were changed. 

Lives were changed. 

Lives were changed. 

Lives were changed. 

Lives were changed. 

Lives were changed. 

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Lives were changed. 

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Lives were changed. 

During uncertain times, Trinity Fellowship Church was a place where people could find stability and hope.

Instead of giving in to hopelessness and fear, you helped us find new ways to serve and impact others, and we were able to reach more people than ever before!

This season empowered us to transform in new ways. For every setback, we were able to find new opportunities to reach our communities. Here’s a look at how God used Trinity Fellowship Church to change lives this year!

Stories from 2020

Stories connect us; they tell of God's faithfulness and provision, and they inspire us to move forward.


Jennifer first got connected with Trinity Fellowship Church while she was driving through Amarillo, and saw an advertisement for the annual Zion event.

See Jennifer's Testimony


A friend told Justin about Trinity Fellowship’s Biblecast and online church. Ever since going to Trinity, Justin has made tremendous progress in his faith.

See Justin's Testimony

Na Tashia

Na Tashia was so excited to be a part of Trinity Fellowship. She wanted to be a part of something bigger and help others, and she started looking for more ways to get involved.

See Na Tashia's Testimony

Online Digital Impact

Even before the pandemic, we knew we needed a fresh approach to ministry and outreach as we worked to advance God’s kingdom in the 21st century. When COVID-19 changed everything, we were ready to enter the digital sphere on a whole new level. We found new ways to share the love of Jesus with our communities.

services during covid lockdown

We spent 10 weeks online (including Easter Sunday) at the beginning of the pandemic before returning to in-person services on May 31.

Online Church

We launched our new online campus in June 2020. This new campus helps people across the country and the world connect with God through membership at Trinity Fellowship Church.

By the end of 2020, we had 7 members from the online community, 32 connected visitors, and online viewership in 10 states and 45 countries!

Texting Salvations

We wanted to connect with those who were feeling isolated during the pandemic, so we launched our Text Decision number to allow our staff to pray and connect with the congregation. If someone made a decision to follow Jesus while watching online or in a physically distanced setting, they could text “Decision” to 797979 to connect with a live staff member or volunteer. The ministry allowed people to feel seen, supported, and connected after they made this decision!


Average weekend attendance


People attended our online Easter services


Countries and 10 states have viewership of our new Online Campus


People gave their lives to Jesus across all of our campuses and online services


People texted their decision since we began using the text “Decision” to 797979 mechanism on April 1, 2020

Platform Growth

We grew our digital outreach to share the love of Jesus with others, no matter where they are in the world.


  • Impressions | 20,442,127 | 176% growth
  • Engagements | 1,390,677 | 228% growth
  • Post Link Clicks | 46,100 | 322% growth
  • Total Audience | 26,261 | 19.5% growth
  • Total Net Audience Growth | 4,173 | 48.2% growth
  • New Facebook Page Likes | 5,480 | 48% growth


  • Impressions | 3,227,714 | 33.8% growth
  • Engagements | 102,913 | 47.4% growth
  • Followers | 9,308 | 20.46% growth
  • Net Follower Growth | 1,506 | 39.37% growth


  • Views | 254,500 | 249% growth
  • Impressions | 1,592,700 | 245% growth
  • Watch Time | 39,604 Hours | 500% growth
  • Subscribers Gained | 3,386 | 668% growth


  • Unique users | 36,467
  • New Downloads | 5,064

Web + TV Apps

  • Views | 64,948
  • Unique Viewers | 51,745
  • Watch Time | 68,615 Hours

More Than You Asked For Podcast

  • Launched on June 26
  • Downloads (Listens): 8,477
  • 5-Star Reviews: 86
  • 25 episodes produced

Daily FB Live Biblecast

  • Launched August 2019
  • Every morning, Monday through Thursday at 7 a.m., Pastor Jimmy goes live on Facebook and shares a brief Bible passage to kickstart the day.
  • 208 episodes produced in 2020


  • Launched new channel July 21
  • 52 episodes produced
  • Views | 47,400
  • Impressions | 82,800
  • Watch Time | 1,200 Hours
  • Subscribers Gained | 792

“My husband and I had separated, and it was an extremely difficult time for me. One morning I was so hungry for answers, and I found myself checking out the Trinity Fellowship Church podcast. As I listened, the Lord opened my eyes and showed me what was happening in my marriage. That afternoon, I went to my husband and asked him to come home. You’ve helped us see that it’s not us against each other, but us against the enemy, and we’re now getting help and moving in the right direction. Thank you for being a voice, because you truly are touching lives.”

A More Than You Asked For podcast listener

New Interactive Message Session

Worship & Prayer

As a church, we worshipped God and prayed for our community in new ways.

Sundays at Trinity

As a church, we created new ways for everyone to experience God through our Sundays at Trinity worship format. New worship experiences include:

  • Service: A traditional one-hour Trinity Fellowship service with worship, a biblical message, and communion.
  • Experience: A service with extended worship, a focused biblical message, prophetic ministry, and other exciting elements in a brand-new format.
  • Sessions: Unique opportunities to interact and receive, each in various locations throughout the building. Sessions include an Interactive Message prayer, prophetic, and healing opportunities that see more than 50 people each week receive ministry.

42 Days of Prayer

Starting on April 16 and ending on Pentecost, our church united to pray each day over specific topics such as health, family, and first responders in our communities.

  • Each day at noon, prayers from Pastors Kim and Jimmy were posted on our social media and sent out through our app.
  • Posts reached more than 63,000 views and included more than 11,000 engagements.

Family Worship and Prophetic Night

When we returned to in-person services, we launched our Family Worship and Prophetic Night, which allows people extra time to worship during the week.


While the pandemic drastically limited baptisms in 2020, we look forward to being able to baptize more people in 2021!

Dream Team and Groups

2020 offered new opportunities to connect online, serve on the Dream Team in innovative ways, and connect in Groups like never before.


People completed Growth Track online


New members joined the Dream Team (116 in-person, 126 online)


People online each week for S.A.L.T.

Our Dream Team served our community both virtually and in person.

  • 18 Dream Team members made 614 masks, and distributed them to the Texas Tech Health Science Center, The Craig Senior Living Residence, Amarillo Bone & Joint Clinic, and Bethesda for their drive-thru food outreach.
  • Our Dream Team did a prayer caravan through Amarillo, praying for 2 hours and covering 100 miles.
  • The Pastoral Care Team gave 100 $75 gift cards to United and Walmart to families in need at the beginning of the pandemic.
  • On April 24, the Effective Prayer Team went out to pray over providers and patients affected by COVID at Northwest Texas Healthcare Systems.

During a difficult year, we were honored to share God's love and provide comfort to those experiencing grief, loss, and trauma during 2020.




Received Ministry Counseling


Hospital Connections

Racial Reconciliation

“In 2020 God highlighted racial equality gaps in our nation. While substantial progress has been made since the 1960s and the civil rights movement, God is awakening the Church to a new era of unity. As the Church, it is our responsibility to take the lead!” – Pastor Jimmy Witcher

We were honored to participate in a variety of events that promoted unity this year.

101 Elite Men (Juneteenth)

Several of our executive pastors, including Pastors Jimmy and Kim, joined 101 Elite Men for the Juneteenth parade on June 20.

101 Elite Men is a group of men, led by founder and Trinity Fellowship member Curtis Johnson and Pastor Brandon Smith, committed to the service of mentorship for the youth around the area. The parade included more than 200 people and started at the Black Historical Culture Center.

Uniting as One

Uniting as One provides a time of worship as the body of Christ, unified by our faith and our Savior. This interdenominational, interracial, all-inclusive event aimed to bring the body of Christ together to be edified and to bring unity to our families, our communities, and our city.

We worked with the Nehemiah Project ministry and donated $6,950 to rent the event stadium for the August 30 event.

More than 4,000 people attended the event in person, and those who couldn’t make it were able to tune in via live stream and social media.

To couples working to strengthen their marriage, XO Marriage is a network of inspiring relationship experts they can turn to for the most real, uplifting, and creative ways to live a glorious life of love. MarriageToday - rebranded to XO Marriage in 2020 - was founded in 1994 with a vision to heal marriages, see couples thrive, and allow kids to grow up with both parents in the home. XO Marriage is one of the biggest ministries supported by Trinity Fellowship Church.

XO Marriage Impact

  • Social Media Impact | over 5.5 million people reached weekly
  • Website | 2 million+ new users
  • Television | continue to reach millions of people through daily and weekly Daystar broadcasts
  • XO Podcast Network | 500,000+ monthly downloads, 8.7 million + downloads total since launch
  • YouTube | 250,000+ subscribers, 6 million + views, 54,8 million minutes watched
  • XO Publishing | over 160,000 copies of The Naked Marriage, The Four Laws of Love, and The Tipping Point sold
  • XO Now | Online subscription platform with 3,000+ subscribers

Trinity Fellowship Association of Churches

Trinity Fellowship Association of Churches (TFAC) is a network of churches that exists to help senior pastors and their teams establish and grow healthy, life-giving churches through networking opportunities, ministry consultation, and development.

Participating churches are provided connection, consultation, ministry, and resource opportunities, including Leadership University, strategic planning, and coaching groups. In 2020, TFAC also included weekly online calls with Pastors for encouragement, COVID information, and updates.




People impacted


Churches completed strategic planning


Coaching groups

“TFAC has been a lifeline for me through the most difficult year of ministry I’ve ever gone through. My coaching group has become my band of brothers that I can lean on and be completely vulnerable with. It’s the kind of relationships that every pastor needs but may not know how to find. I am also grateful for the accessibility of the coaches and staff. I never feel alone in ministry because of my relationships in TFAC.”

Pastor Scotty Crawford
Brownwood Community Church, Brownwood, TX

Bethesda Outreach Center Amarillo

  • In 2020, Bethesda gave out a total of 910,300 pounds of food.
  • 237% increase from Pre-Covid to Post-Covid and an increase of 246% from 2019, with
  • An average of 8,752 meals given out each week!
  • Over 3,500 families and over 10,500 total people received food from Bethesda in 2020.


1,614 people received clothing

Back to School at Eastridge

383 backpacks given to students at Eastridge Elementary

Thanksgiving Outreach

94 drivers delivered 608 Thanksgiving meals to families throughout Amarillo

Christmas at Eastridge

67 volunteers helped with the drive-through distribution of 594 sets of blankets, beanies, socks, and toys (90 of which were donated online) given out to students at Eastridge Elementary and to refugee families in Amarillo.

Disaster Relief


Sent to The Gathering Church in Louisiana for hurricane relief


Sent to help aid Nashville area after the March tornadoes

Missions Overview

You helped further the gospel among unreached people around the world.

  • Compassion Gate (North Amarillo)
  • Carter Chapel
  • City of Amarillo Police Academy
  • Hope Choice Pregnancy Centers
  • Faith City Ministries
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Gateway to Success
  • Living Water Teaching (North Amarillo)
  • The PARC

  • Harvest House
  • Pregnancy Support Center
  • Shoe Show (Christmas Shoe Outreach)
  • Thanksgiving Outreach
  • The Hope House

  • Maoz Incorporated
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Wellington Opportunity Center
Wichita Falls

  • Sheppard Air Force Spouses Club
  • United Regional Hospital, Jubilee Daycare

  • Acts 4 Others
  • Bethel Hope – Christmas for Kids
  • Serenity Church in The Colony
  • W.A.R.M. (Wise Area Relief Ministry)
  • Wise Choice Pregnancy Center
  • Wise Christian Counseling

  • Streams of Water-Rescue a Child
  • Meleah School of Ministry
  • Harvest Association of Churches

  • Savior’s Tear
  • Oasis De Esperanza

  • Latin Equip
United Kingdom

  • Learning Community

  • Believe in His Name
  • CMF International

  • Israel College of the Bible
  • Maoz Israel Ministries
  • Mission Ministries
  • Peniel Fellowship (Amu tat TSur-Haim)

  • Antioch Center for Training and Sending
  • India Gospel Outreach

  • Strategic China Initiative

  • Bridges to the Nations

ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry Update

We are honored to support Israel College of the Bible and One for Israel, who are creating new and innovative ways to share the Good News with Israelis.

Local Campus Missions

Here's a look at the local ministries supported by each of our campus locations.


  • Acts 4 Others
  • Bethel Hope – Christmas for Kids
  • Serenity Church in The Colony
  • W.A.R.M. (Wise Area Relief Ministry)
  • Wise Choice Pregnancy Center
  • Wise Christian Counseling


  • Maoz Incorporated
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Wellington Opportunity Center


  • Compassion Gate (North Amarillo)
  • Carter Chapel
  • City of Amarillo Police Academy
  • Hope Choice Pregnancy Centers
  • Faith City Ministries
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Gateway to Success
  • Living Water Teaching (North Amarillo)
  • The PARC


  • Harvest House
  • Pregnancy Support Center
  • Shoe Show (Christmas Shoe Outreach)
  • Thanksgiving Outreach
  • The Hope House

Wichita Falls

  • Sheppard Air Force Spouses Club
  • United Regional Hospital, Jubilee Daycare


Ben & Katy

Ben and Katy had been members of Trinity Fellowship Church for two years. They both came from different church backgrounds, so Trinity was essential in helping them come together as a couple. At Trinity, they were able to find amazing mentors who helped them grow in their faith while they were dating.

See Ben & Katy's Testimony

Financial Breakdown

Despite challenging financial circumstances for many, you gave generously to further the kingdom of God. Every dollar given to Trinity Fellowship is used to advance the Kingdom of God.

Building Fund

Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, many Trinity Fellowship ministries shifted from our campus buildings and into homes. However, our campus buildings are more important than ever! A great harvest is coming, and we will be ready to receive it.

Your financial support of Trinity Fellowship's Building Fund is a significant part of ensuring that the doors of our buildings are open for the harvest! As we embrace all that God is doing now and look forward to all He will do in the coming days, we invite you to partner with us.

Give Now

What God is Saying for 2021

While 2020 was a year of adapting to unexpected circumstances, 2021 is a year to take action and build on what God did through you last year!

In 2021 we look forward to the expansion of God’s kingdom, new salvations, and innovations in discipleship that will carry us into the future. And Trinity Fellowship will continue to be a place for you to experience God, find community, and fulfill your purpose.

As we reflect on how God has worked this past year, here’s how you can be looking forward to 2021:


Complete the Growth Track

Find Your Place

Partner with Us
A year of stepping in

God has more for you in 2021

When you commit to taking the next step in 2021, you can be a part of building God’s kingdom.

Take the Next Step